Ronnelfeldt Early Grey Tea

Ronnelfeldt Early Grey Tea

Ronnelfeldt Early Grey Tea

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A precious black tea blended with the aroma of fresh bergamot (lemon); strong and intense. 

  • Black tea
  • Bergamot
Teavelope Earl Gray tea is prepared using a special black tea grown in the Darjeeling region. Darjeeling tea is known as one of the most famous teas in the world and is famous for its unique aroma. Teavelope Earl Gray tea is enriched with the aroma of bergamot, which adds a pleasant citrus and floral aroma to the tea and complements the characteristic taste of the tea.

Teavelope Earl Gray tea offers you a refreshing and aromatic taste experience. The citrus notes of bergamot add a distinctive flavor and freshness to the tea. Balanced with its mild sweetness, this black tea offers a pleasant drinking experience. You can enjoy its characteristic taste and aroma by trying Teavelope Earl Gray tea.

Teavelope Earl Gray Tea Features
Teavelope Earl Gray tea is a special kind of tea with a characteristic taste and aroma. Teavelope Earl Gray tea is obtained by adding the extract of bergamot fruit to the black tea leaves of Earl Gray tea, a type of tea that is popular and loved around the world. This combination gives tea a unique taste and aromatic richness. The distinctive feature of Teavelope Earl Gray tea is the aroma of bergamot. Bergamot is a fruit from the citrus family and adds a distinctive nuance to the taste of tea. The light citrus and floral aroma of bergamot gives the tea a pleasant freshness and refreshment.

Teavelope Earl Gray tea has a light and balanced flavor. The characteristic features of black tea are balanced by the aroma of bergamot and enrich the flavor of the tea. It is pleasant and soft to drink. Teavelope Earl Gray tea is available in single-use packs each. Each pack contains the ideal size of tea leaves for a cup of tea. Thanks to this practical packaging, you can always brew tea fresh and in appropriate quantities.

Teavelope Earl Gray tea is a light and balanced tea enriched with the aroma of bergamot. This tea offers the authentic taste of Earl Gray tea, a tea lover's favourite. With its practical packaging, you can easily prepare and consume it with pleasure. Standing out with the refreshing aroma of bergamot, this tea is the perfect choice to accompany your special moments or enjoy a quiet moment.

How to Prepare Teavelope Earl Gray Tea
Teavelope Earl Gray tea is quite easy to brew. Teavelope Earl Gray tea is very easy to prepare the filtered tea bags. Ideally, the temperature of the water should be about 80-85 degrees. Simply add a tea bag to a cup of hot water. The brewing time may vary depending on your preference, but it is generally recommended to infuse between 3-4 minutes. Then you can remove the bag and enjoy your tea. The Teavelope Earl Gray tea pack containing 25 straining bags provides a fresh and delicious tea brewing in a practical way.

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