About Us

We, as Yirmiyedi Kuzguncuk, are a new art and design platform that brings together modernity and historical structure. For now, we are meeting with you in our historical building in Kuzguncuk and through our website where you find us by wondering about us and where these words reach you. However, our new projects that will enable us to become the first platform that comes to mind in the fields of art and design are coming very soon!
Our story actually begins with restoring a historical building made in 1860 in Kuzguncuk in order to bring art together with design and then with the relevant people by listening to the sound of this beautiful old building, revealing its hidden soul. When our store in this building revealed its aesthetic and original nature and started telling our story enthusiastically to the guests and designers who came in, we only had to do justice to our job. We grew up and carried Yirmiyedi Kuzguncuk to you.
We have positioned our main goal in the store as providing a shopping place where our guests can have a pleasant time while shopping, observe the designers and their work in the foreground, and feed their imaginations. We aim for the same experience for your shopping on our website. We hope that our designers who inspire us will illuminate your imagination when you scroll through the pages.
The job we enjoyed most while creating Yirmiyedi Kuzguncuk was to create an environment that we created together with designers; in the same way, we have included our visitors and our frequent guests in a way that they will feel like they belong to this environment. Our main mission is to break the boundaries between the store, the designers and the visitor and to tell all the inspiring stories. Now, you too have joined us as a Yirmiyedi Kuzguncuk regular guests. Together with everyone who loves to produce and what’s produced, welcome home!
We hope that slow design-oriented production can continue in a sustainable and loving way for everyone. Our wish is to carry the names of our designers and to reflect their work as it is from the beginning to the end. In other words, we have every designer in our store under their own brand name with the retail prices that they set themselves. This allows our designers to leave their hand work to us with peace of mind and allows our esteemed visitors, who are now much more conscious about researching the brand's sales channels, to make a comfortable and enjoyable shopping. This gives us relief about the words we value most: handcraft and time.
All products sold in our store and on our website are far from the world of fast consumption and mass production; works that adopt the principles of slow life, where handmade produced with love and imagination come to the fore in every touch. Some of the works you will see are unique pieces produced/curated as a single piece. We are very happy to bring these works together with their new design-savvy owners; however, we would like to point out that the same work may not be produced again or the production times may be longer compared to the mass production. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Our visitors say that they find a different peace in our store, probably because all the components come together at the right place and time. If you haven't visited our store yet, take a tour first in Kuzguncuk where you can breathe in the Bosphorus air and get  lost in beautiful corners where you can't stop taking pictures. If you can get enough of the nostalgic streets that are close enough to hear the seagulls and ships but far away from the city noise, knock on the door of number 27, Üryanizade Street. As the door opens, the seductive smells of coffee and deep notes of candles will fill you, and our historical building will whisper our story to you with the admiration of our designers.
Our website may not be able to carry these scents to you yet, but we are trying to continue our work with more passion day by day, in the happiness of being able to provide you with the same atmosphere of peace and sincerity. Every box we deliver to your home or to your loved ones brings you inspirational product and success stories of the designers in Yirmiyedi Kuzguncuk. See you in our store on healthy, sunny and spring-filled days; but on our website every day!
With our hearts,
Yirmiyedi Kuzguncuk