Mini Swan Brooch

Mini Swan Brooch
Mini Swan Brooch

Mini Swan Brooch

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The world was a sea, there was neither sky nor earth,
Endless, vast waters were everywhere!
God Ulgen is flying, there was nowhere to land,
He was flying, looking for a solid ground, a community.
I want a world, let me create a lineage!
How is this world, how long can I create it!
What is the solution to this, how can I create it!
There was a White Mother, she lived in the water,
He told Ülgen that he appeared on the surface of the water:
If you want to create something, Ülgen,
As a creator, learn this verse!
Always say "I did it" and nothing else!
Don't say "I did it, it didn't happen" while creating.
White-Mother said this, then disappeared,
He dived into the sea and became unrecognizable.
This order never left Ülgen's ears.
He did not get tired of conveying this advice to people...

The creation myth of the Altai...
They say the White Mother is a swan. That Swan was actually God's silhouette in Altai.
The swan is graceful, guiding and wise...

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