Aventurine - Rose Quartz Roller

Aventurine - Rose Quartz Roller
Aventurine - Rose Quartz Roller

Aventurine - Rose Quartz Roller

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Material: Natural Stone

Care: Gently wipe the product surface with a cloth moistened with soapy water that does not contain chemicals and irritants.

Note: Never clean with high temperature water. Do not immerse the product directly in water.

Made of %100 Rose Quartz Crystal and Green Aventurine Crystal.

Rose Quartz Crystal, also known as the 'love stone', has inherent minerals such as silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen that are beneficial for the skin.

Rose Quartz Crystal Increases circulation through stimulation of skin. It soothes skin inflammation and promotes lymphatic drainage. It accelerates lymphatic circulation. It encourages oxygen to penetrate deep into the skin layers. It helps to release toxins trapped in the skin and stimulate collagen production. With regular use, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and increases skin elasticity. Provides radiance and shine to your overall skin look.

Green Aventurine is a great crystal to cool and soothe your tired facial muscles with its natural coolness. It helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. It purifies your skin from toxins thanks to its minerals while massaging your skin.

Our roller series have 2 types heads; smaller and big one.

Use big roller for cheeks, forehead, neck and décolleté area; Roll by applying pressure outward and upward from the center of the area you want to apply.

Use the smaller roller for chin, eye contour, eyebrow, lips and nose area.

For the neck area, start from your chin and move it towards your neck 7-8 times. For the cheeks area, roll and apply pressure from cheeks to ears 5-6 times. For the forehead area, start in the middle of the forehead and roll it towards the ears 5-6 times.

For eye and eye contour area, gently from inside to outside. You can repeat the application 10-15 times.

Keep your roller and gua sha in the refrigerator to increase the relaxing and firming effect.

Roller and Gua Sha Massage Tool can increase the absorption of skin care products such as carrier oil, serum.

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