Ronnefeldt Breakfast Tea

Ronnefeldt Breakfast Tea
Ronnefeldt Breakfast Tea

Ronnefeldt Breakfast Tea

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A dark, typical Ceylon with a tart and lively flavour from the island’s east.

Undoubtedly one of the world's most famous blends, "English Breakfast" first appeared in Scotland in 1892. Although it was known only as "breakfast tea" at that time, it became known as "English Breakfast Tea" all over the world after it was popularized by Queen Victoria of England.

A strong, pungent and rich tea from the Uva (Sri Lanka) region.
You can enjoy a typical English tea by steeping it in 100 degrees water for 3-4 minutes.
The Teavelope® series contains 25 filtering tea bags.

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    Black Tea


    plain black tea


    Sri Lanka




    37.5 g (1.5 g x 25 sachets)


    100 °C


    3-4 min.

Teavelope English Breakfast tea is a dark, medium strength high quality Ceylon tea originating from the east of Sri Lanka. Teavelope English Breakfast tea is a premium example of Ceylon tea grown in eastern Sri Lanka, one of the world's most recognized and highly valued black teas.

Teavelope English Breakfast tea has a characteristically dark color and a medium firm flavor. It offers you a strong and rich taste profile, so it can be among your preferences as an energizing and refreshing tea at the beginning of a busy day. Teavelope English Breakfast tea is a preferred type of tea, especially for breakfast. It is ideal for an energetic start to the day at breakfasts. Its strong and aromatic taste can also pair wonderfully with milk and sugar.

Teavelope English Breakfast tea consists of top quality tea leaves. The use of quality tea leaves enriches the flavor and aroma profile of the tea and provides a more enjoyable drinking experience. This tea is available in individual packs, each disposable. Each pack contains the ideal size of tea leaves for a cup of tea. In this way, the freshness and aroma quality of the tea is preserved.

Teavelope English Breakfast Tea Features
Teavelope English Breakfast tea is a strong, aromatic and energizing tea variety. Produced with specially selected Ceylon tea leaves, this tea is an excellent option to start the day in the morning or to meet the energy needs throughout the day.

Teavelope English Breakfast tea has a strong and aromatic flavor. You can prefer it as an energizing drink in the morning. Thanks to the caffeine in its content, it helps you stay awake and make an energetic start to your day. Its rich and filling taste creates a wonderful balance with breakfast foods. Especially if you are looking for a warm cup of tea in your breakfast ritual, Teavelope English Breakfast tea may be the right choice.

Teavelope English Breakfast tea is the ideal choice for those looking for a strong, aromatic and energetic drink. You can choose it to wake up in the morning, to accompany you for breakfast or for a pleasant break during the day. Ceylon tea's top quality and practical packaging will make your tea experience even more enjoyable.

How to Prepare Teavelope English Breakfast Tea?
Preparing Teavelope English Breakfast tea is quite simple. Boil a cup of water. The water should be freshly boiled to better extract the flavor and aroma of the tea. Use enough water to contact the tea leaves in the Teavelope English Breakfast tea bag. It is usually sufficient to wait 2-3 minutes to brew the tea. Disposable packs for each cup of tea practically provide a fresh and delicious tea experience.

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